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INTEGRATE and STREAMLINE your enterprise,
increase your
REDUCE COSTS with TurboPro.

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TurboPro is your office within an office, or in the field, so you are free to work anywhere in the world without the burden of relying on inside people to handle your business. Stay connected with TurboPro.
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Perform all of your company’s financials in one place. Register transactions for multiple bank accounts. Easily track sales and expenses, pay bills and print checks, create vendor and customer invoices.
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Weekly, monthly, bi-weekly or bi-monthly payroll options. Choose between pay all employees and pay salary or hourly employees. Print payroll checks directly from TurboPro.
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Document Manager
Load .pdf documents into your job for viewing across the network. Attach files, specifications, plans, submittals into the job for easy access.
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Highly Scalable
TurboPro is designed using the latest technology. There are no limits to the number of transactions. The SQL database engine assures performance for the largest companies.
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Track your inventory in real time. Set orders points for quick and easy re-orders. Count inventory. Receive and transfer product.

Our Story

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In 1991, Bache Enterprises, Inc., a manufacturer’s representative, hired a company who developed a custom DOS based program that integrated Accounting, Job Tracking and Warehousing into one software package. Throughout the Nineties, this program helped the company become a $12-$14 million company.

As the decade was coming to a close, it became clear that the DOS based program would fall victim to the Y2K epidemic. The company that Bache had contracted with to build the program had since been dissolved and the programmers scattered. The program was not going to recognize the year 2000.

Bache started looking on the market for “a-ready-made” program that would provide them with the same essentials that they had come to expect from a program. There were promises from software providers that they could integrate accounting software into their job tracking program, so Bache signed up. Even though there were flashy screens, the program failed being too slow and no accounting package on the horizon. This was a huge step backwards for the company, not to mention thousands of dollars that had been wasted. An attempt was made to hire a programmer to develop a windows based program, but that failed in epic proportions, and again, thousands of dollars out the window. Bache continued to limp along.

At the turn of the century, Bache’s luck turned. They found the original programmer of the DOS program! They hired him on as an employee, and he tricked the old program into thinking it was the year 1900. Bache could finally get back to business, even if it was 100 years ago. After that, the programmer was charged with developing a windows based program that did everything the DOS program did and more.

By December 2002 TurboRep was born. TurboRep became the backbone for the company’s improved efficiency, profitability, and growth. At that time it was decided that TurboRep should be marketed to other manufacturer’s representatives. The program was then placed under A & E Specialties, Inc., a company that had sat dormant for a few years. Since then TurboRep has been sold to other manufacturer’s reps in the industry throughout the United States and Canada and has proven to be a critical tool needed to grow businesses.

Being connected to Bache has given TurboRep a vast knowledge of the manufacturer’s rep industry. We have an understanding of the industry that sets us apart from all other software companies.

As technology has continued to grow by leaps and bounds, we have seen the need to create our Next Generation program. At the beginning of 2011, we started developing TurboPro as a cloud based system. We will be able to move to a more CRM (Customer Relationship Management) style software which will utilize some of the most advanced computer trends available. TurboPro will encompass everything that TurboRep is all while keeping up with current technology. Our desire is to unveil the Job Management side of the system at the AHR Expo in Dallas, Texas.

Email: | Telephone: 678.300.1464 | Address: A&E Specialties, 2146 Roswell Road, Suite 108-309, Marietta, GA  30062